Always burn after reading. Not before. This should be the first thing you do to start.

It’s clear. And it’s that the subject is responsible for generating sympathy (or just the opposite) in those first few seconds of the virtual first impression that we give to the person we are writing to and our message (the email in question). What in our offline life would be that smile, gesture, smile, air, that ‘something’ that makes us who we are and that, when it comes to relating to someone, that’s how they perceive us. In this light, it’s good to think about a bit, isn’t it?

First and foremost, it’s not worth emphasizing something so common everywhere and inevitably passes over cultivating common sense and good taste. It is always a good investment. In the email subject too.

The subject of an email is not the entire email. This is obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to refresh our memories.

And now, let’s see some examples that what we hope is nothing further than give an example: if with them we encourage reflection and we plant and replant some things that aren’t usually correct, others that are better but still have room for improvement and others that are not directly understood.

Commandments of a good subject when emailing

  1. Thou shall have half a mind (with a whole one, we’ll take it with a grain of salt )
  2. Thou shall assure that the calm comes after the crisis.
  3. Thou shall keep in mind that the (small) big details count.
  4. Thou shall take a risk with the subjects (for good or for bad)
  5. Thou shall rethink (as many times as necessary) if the heterogeneity is good.
  6. Thou shall not resort to nonsense and/or inappropriate solutions (in general
  7. Thou shall learn from thine errors (although on some occasions it is difficult
  8. Thou shall keep in mind all advice given to thee.
  9. Thou shall take personalization seriously, over course.
  10. If it is necessary to give up, give up the issue (in a more than extreme case)

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Alfredo Gómez is a natural-born entrepreneur. He has a degree in both Audiovisual Communication & Tourism, and specialised in international consulting. His passion for discovering the world gave rise to BigTranslation and JuicyPosts, a translation agency and content marketing agency specialised in e-commerce, among other sectors.

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