Month: July 2017

19 Things you SHOULDN’T do on Twitter

This list is based on my personal experiences, on everything that I have read and that Twitter has showed me over time. Like everything, for example tastes in color, it could be that some of these things you don’t consider...

/ July 16, 2017

10 Commandments of a good email subject

Always burn after reading. Not before. This should be the first thing you do to start. It’s clear. And it’s that the subject is responsible for generating sympathy (or just the opposite) in those first few seconds of the virtual...

/ July 9, 2017

4 questions we should ask ourselves before starting on social networks

No doubt remains, the command is clear: we have to be on social media because our customers are there . . . but there are other realities to consider. There is the reality that we tend to form our networks...

/ July 9, 2017
customer service

Customer service on social networks – it’s just common sense!

The rise and penetration of social networks into our habits and customs has made structural changes to the “attributions” we had before. Nowadays a lack of commitment is known about in real time and in a click, and information is...

/ July 9, 2017

Alternatives to WordPress, or when all that really matters is content

As I always defend WordPress in many projects, today I have to be more critical. Why use WordPress when the only thing I want to do is upload content to my blog? Do I really need all functionalities that WordPress...

/ July 9, 2017
post title

15 tricks for writing the perfect post title

The title is the most important part of the content of a post. It is the determining factor for a person clicks on your post or not, and for it to appear in searches. The ideal is that from the...

/ July 9, 2017