Apps for Instagram that improve and optimise your photos, videos and stories. Give new life to your profile and get more followers.

Although we are not professional photographers, we can appear to be. These are the best apps that we have on our mobile every day. Apps with which we can make true works of art.

Instagram has become an essential social network to narrate our everyday life, seek inspiration or tell stories. Although it has its own apps and own filters, the options available on the market allow us to bring more sparkle to photos and videos and thus manage to differentiate ourselves in a sea of content.

An average of 100 million photos/videos are shared on Instagram each day –

Essential applications for Instagram

Most of these applications are available for both iOS and Android and most are free, although we have compiled some interesting ones with a payment option.

We have divided them into different categories:

  • Photo editing/retouching
  • Design
  • Video
  • Collage
  • Analytics and Management



VSCO is THE retouching tool. They have gained so much popularity that many brands struggle to have their own palette of filters for Instagrammers to use. All standard editing tools are also available, including exposure, saturation, grain, sharpness, etc. However, the key is in its collections of filters.

TIP: Search “vsco filters” on Google for inspiration on how to use their pre-sets.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


Leaving VSCO to one side, Snapseed is one of the most complete and well-known editors. It allows you to do whatever you want with a photograph. It has all types of editing capabilities and is very simple to use. It offers various functions that are summarised into two categories: manual and filtered editing.

I personally use it and like it for three of its many features: white balance, paintbrush and the corrective strip.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.

A color story

One of my preferences in terms of regular use: achieve photos with true colour. It enhances whites and contrasts, and gives a very particular look to photos.

Availability: Free | iOS


This app from Line for taking photos of food is THE app when it comes to taking perfect photos of incredible dishes.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


One of the best apps for getting the most out of black and white photos. In the style of the vast majority, it has pre-sets that make our life much easier. Filters that emulate the traditional reels like Kodak, Fuji and Ilford.

Availability: €0.99 | iOS


If you want to provide your photos with a big effect and a new dimension, Enlight is one of those apps that will enable you to do things relatively differently that will surprise your followers.

It has one of the most powerful editors that we have seen in apps, though the vast majority will be too much for what you need every day.

Availability: €3.99 | iOS


This app is based on points of light. It allows you to use over 20 filters where you can choose the colour intensity that you want to give to the photo, a touch of flash and colour temperatures.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


After taking a photo, many times we have wanted to correct some small defect, a mark, a grain, brightness, etc. With Facetune we can modify all of these small imperfections on our portrait photos.

Availability: €5.99 | iOS & Android




One of the more fashionable apps thanks to its spectacular artistic filters. As with most apps, we can correct certain aspects of the photo, but the most interesting thing about this app is its predefined styles.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


If you want to personalise your photos with text, graphics or shapes, one of the apps I like the most is Over.

Availability: Free | iOS


Another option for adding shapes to your photos is Mocadeco. There is a charge but it allows us to personalise our photos with a lot of style, giving them a very modern touch.

Availability: €1.99 | iOS

Studio Design

The third-wheel as far as text, shapes and photos are concerned. It is one of the oldest and has thousands of customisable shapes.

Availability: Free | iOS


It allows you to superimpose text on to your photos with a wide variety of fonts and colours to choose the most suitable. The application has a free version and, in return, it adds a small watermark in the corner of the photo. Like other apps, its paid version removes this watermark.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


This app allows us to take our photos to a completely new world. Literally. It has different parameters to give more or less realism to a photo.

Availability: Free | iOS


1 second everyday

Do you want to create a video diary? This original app allows us to make a diary of one-second videos so that we can see time passing us by.

Availability: €4.99 | iOS & Android


This helps stabilise videos and modify the reproduction speed in order to achieve a fun time-lapse effect. With this you can cut the recorded video and remove the frames that do not fit and that you don’t like.

I prefer Hyperlapse to the native iOS app because I can change the speed and thus provide the effect I want to the time-lapse.

Availability: Free | iOS


This is an app to create animated GIFs (though it is better to call it by its name: Boomerang) directly from Instagram. It allows you to shoot a burst and turn it into a loop.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


There are thousands of apps for making loops but Phhhoto is one I like the most because it creates a loop in low fidelity to give a very interesting retro style.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.

Slow Shutter Cam

How do people manage to take a long-exposure night-time photo with their mobile phone where, for example, car headlights look more illuminated or light beams flash?

With this app, you can do it very easily. It shoots at low speeds and emulates the camera’s shutter controls to capture images in a similar way as we would with a DSLR camera.

Availability: €1.99 | iOS



Moldiv is one of the applications that allows us to create our own photo collages. You have over 200 shapes for your collages. It’s as easy as choosing the collage you want and placing each of the photographs inside it.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


Although there are many applications that allow you to combine multiple images into one, Layout is one of the simplest. As it belongs to Instagram, this makes the process even simpler. It goes around the entire process, starting directly from our camera roll and generating dynamic templates that adapt to the number of images we select.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.

Analytics and Management


One of my favourites for programming on Instagram. Like all of them, it simply sends you a notification but it is very useful to have a well-updated calendar and manage the planning of different accounts in a simpler way.


I use Buffer for everything and Instagram was not going to be any different. With its integration, we can manage our entire profile from there. It is similar to other planning apps but with the advantage that it helps us to plan the editorial content of other networks.

Availability: Free | iOS & Android.


Among many other options, Minter gives us fairly powerful analytics from monitoring hashtags on Instagram. Pirendo is another interesting option, and it is Spanish.

For profile and community analytics, I stick with Audiense, SproutSocial and Iconosquare. Try them and let me know. The needs of each of them are different and the three have worked for me in different situations.

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