No doubt remains, the command is clear: we have to be on social media because our customers are there . . . but there are other realities to consider.

There is the reality that we tend to form our networks with professionals who are similar to us.  We learn from them and provide feedback for each other. There is also the reality that small and medium-sized businesses are kept outside of networks by fear and lack of innovative and efficient proposals.

Evidently, as we pass through the ripening cycle of this Web 2.0 phenomenon, we learn the importance of balance for prosumers, which includes everyone who uses the internet.

It is crucial to be on social media because they will still talk about our brand and it is crucial to achieve influence, because today, that’s what will open the door to growth.

That’s why, in order to ensure a leap forward, while making sure our reputation suffers as little as possible, here’s an analysis of the 4 questions that we should ask ourselves before taking the leap into the social universe.

What, who, why and when? These questions are still the foundations of any strategy.  Knowing who you are speaking to, what you can provide them, why it should interest them, and how your target audience will find your business is crucial for a good strategy.

What is the most realistic long-term plan? We are advancing towards a model of production based in business through entrepreneurship.  The needs of the customer are just as variable as the information that circulates among them is.  Access is also becoming increasingly easy.  We should keep in mind that a Social Media marketing strategy can’t just be planned for the short-term.  We are creating emotional bonds with our customers!

Am I capable of creating quality content?  If you aren’t prepared to employ a content marketing strategy, it is better to stay in the position of active listener, employing market analysis, social interaction, metric analysis and constant learning.  When you publish content, you have passed the point of no return: a lack of quality will be punished by the search engine, the social networks and business negotiations.  Today calls for ethics, dedication, and confidence!

Do I need to invest resources? Generally, yes.  When we talk about resources, we don’t just mean financial resources.  We need to be very aware that building a social brand takes time, dedication and constant connectivity.  It is indispensable to reinvest the results of the first goals we achieve, because that’s the only way we can amass a solid influence that will help us to attain a good ROI.

One last piece of advice . . . remember that the key is your words: those keywords that make up your unique, distinguishing message.  If you manage to draw in your target audience with your content, links to your partners, innovation and new opportunities, they will be receptive to your brand.

Remember that, as small as your idea may be, there are people who have succeeded with much less.

And now . . . it’s your turn . . . help us finish the list . . . what other questions should we ask ourselves?

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Alfredo Gómez is a natural-born entrepreneur. He has a degree in both Audiovisual Communication & Tourism, and specialised in international consulting. His passion for discovering the world gave rise to BigTranslation and JuicyPosts, a translation agency and content marketing agency specialised in e-commerce, among other sectors.

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