By taking advantage of online content marketing, startups and companies will have a great chance of contacting future customers. If they also properly apply SEO techniques, these customers will be the first to find us. That’s why it’s so important to position content, since this how we’ll directly connect with the target audience. This is the first step to take so that potential clients end up buying our products or signing up for the services that we offer.

For content to be positioned at the top of search engines within a short period of time, we ought to follow a few simple guidelines. By applying the following tips, any content you post will begin receiving visits immediately and catapult you up the search results rankings.



Having a good domain is usually considered to be more of a medium or long term SEO strategy. However, it is still essential for any project that you take part in. In addition, a URL that includes one or more keywords that define the purpose of the website, will to a large extent smooth the way to the top search positions related to the keywords it contains.

 “A URL that includes keywords that define the purpose of the website, will smooth the way to the top positions of related searches”


One of the things most valued by search engines is that websites have their content well-structured, making their access and use easy for the user. A well developed SEO onpage is the best way to go about it.

Key words are essential, but they work much better if they are accompanied by other factors. An eye-catching title, the structure, the use of H2 and H3, alt tag images and the inclusion of videos are the basic elements. Moreover, we ought to avoid the abuse of keywords at all costs. Google may well penalise our website for this activity.



Links offer several advantages, especially if they are of good quality. The greater the number of quality links pointing to our website, the greater will be the potency of our project. Search engines will therefore be far more likely to display it in their list of results.

What are quality links? If links originate from sites whose content is related to our particular theme or that are reference points in the sector, Google will value them more highly, which will therefore improve our positioning, in addition to getting us qualified traffic.



Disseminating the content of social networks is also key. The quality of traffic is taken into account by search engines during the positioning process. It can also be achieved through link-building, but social networks have the virtue of making content go viral quickly. In short, anything that has acquired some special relevance in social networks will be better positioned.

By using these simple SEO tips it is more likely that content will be relevant to search engines. The prize will be getting a website displayed in the top positions.

“Anything that has acquired some special relevance in social networks will be better positioned.”

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