A picture is worth a thousand words, so how about the images that you use on your posts or social networks? Today we want to lend a hand with several applications that will help you to make your content more visual.

Are you tired of always representing your visual messages in the same way? It is true that social networks are nothing without pictures. The visual format is becoming increasingly more important, and since we already know off by heart the image sizes on social networks, where and how to achieve great pictures for our posts, today we are going to go one step further with several applications that will help us to create visual content quickly and easily.

Search for images without copyrights

Unsplash is a free photo archive that offers high resolution images that you have complete access to use.

They are non-copyrighted images. To use it you need only subscribe and the archive will directly send you 10 free photos every 10 days to your e-mail.

The only problem with this photographic archive is that you cannot browse by categories as they are shown randomly.

New Old Stock provides old photos from public archives, with no copyright restrictions.

Although it also does not allow us to browse by categories, it is perfect for searching for vintage images.

Animated videos

Powtoon is a very simple application that helps you to create animated videos quickly.

It’s as easy as taking the template you want from their library and starting to use it step-by-step, giving it your own personal touch.

Create your own colour palette

With Adobe Kuler, you can create your own personalised colour palette that is most suitable for your image. Bear in mind that colours directly affect our perception, our emotions and our behaviour, and that we associate colours to different concepts, states of mind, etc.

Once you have found the colour palette you want, you need only save it with the extension of your choice (RGB, HEX, LAB, CMYK, HSB).

Create graphics easily

Canva is a free tool that helps you create different images for your graphics. You can easily create anything from signs, posters, computer graphics, documents, business cards, Facebook covers, graphics, etc.

It offers elegant and professional designs, and different templates to choose from. It’s so easy to register, either through Facebook or creating a username and password, then get meddling.

Create computer graphics

Piktochart is a completely free tool with which you can make your step-by-step computer graphic.

It offers a catalogue of predefined templates to which you can add content or modify the structure with full flexibility. It also adds a catalogue of shapes and images classified by themes, so that you can personalise the computer graphic to your taste.

Screenshots with annotations

Saving a screenshot of a complete web page is something that we often need, and with the tool Awesome Screenshot we can do this quickly by simply downloading the extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox on to your computer.

Not only does it allow you to save what you see on screen, you can also crop the image as you wish, or add text, etc.

Create quotes

Quotes are a great idea for viral content, especially on social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. With Quotes Cover we can convert words into profile pictures for social networks, and the most original and eye-catching impressions.

You can choose from different fonts, add drawings and modify the design as you wish.

Create animated GIFs

With DSCO by VSCO, you can capture small short video clips from your mobile and convert them into animated GIFs by using the camera on your smartphone.

Or Fyuse, which allows you to make panoramic photos in 3D. It’s a very special combination; try it.

As you can see, there is no shortage of options for making the images you use on social networks more unique and eye-catching to the user.

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Alfredo Gómez is a natural-born entrepreneur. He has a degree in both Audiovisual Communication & Tourism, and specialised in international consulting. His passion for discovering the world gave rise to BigTranslation and JuicyPosts, a translation agency and content marketing agency specialised in e-commerce, among other sectors.

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