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ASO: The SEO of Apps

If you do SEO on a website, for a mobile app you would have to do ASO. How many apps are installed on your smartphone? And on your tablet? How did you find out about them? According to Forrester, over...

/ May 23, 2017

Applications that will help you to make your content more visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, so how about the images that you use on your posts or social networks? Today we want to lend a hand with several applications that will help you to make your content more...

/ May 10, 2017

29 apps for Instagram that will make your profile irresistible

Apps for Instagram that improve and optimise your photos, videos and stories. Give new life to your profile and get more followers. Although we are not professional photographers, we can appear to be. These are the best apps that we...

/ May 10, 2017

Life after Google Reader: Alternatives

Last 30th of June was the last day of Google Reader. This image was in my head the entire time: For those who, like myself, have no intention of giving up on it and the function it gives us every...

/ May 10, 2017