Generating quality content for a startup can often be a large investment in time if it is done internally, with the resultant expenses relating to the use of qualified personnel who have good writing skills, creativity as well as a knowledge of SEO. Many startups don’t have enough resources to take on this investment in quality content strategy, so the outsourcing of this service is the most intelligent solution.

JuicyPosts is the leading European content creation platform. We have a database of more than 2000 authors classified by nationality and specialising in up to 40 subjects.

JuicyPosts has the most competitive prices on the market. You can request blog posts, product descriptions for e-commerce sites, texts for ebooks or landing pages, and social networks posts.


In addition, with our thematic creation service you’ll no longer have the problem of not knowing what to write. Starting with a short briefing with information about your business, its target audience and keywords, we then carefully isolate those topics that will define your next content projects, thereby lining up your startup’s editorial schedule for the coming months. You only have to concern yourself with approvals and publishing.

To optimise your resources and make your online marketing actions more economical and effective, make JuicyPosts your content provider.

Posted by alfredo

Alfredo Gómez is a natural-born entrepreneur. He has a degree in both Audiovisual Communication & Tourism, and specialised in international consulting. His passion for discovering the world gave rise to BigTranslation and JuicyPosts, a translation agency and content marketing agency specialised in e-commerce, among other sectors.

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