With more pros than cons, this is without doubt one of the most underutilized tools in content marketing . . . until now.  The moment has come for you to learn how to take advantage of the potential of Guest Blogging.

In content marketing, one of the most underrated strategies is content creation outside of your own channels.  When I mention outside content, I am referring to guest content, in an informative blog or emphasized in a section.  This is what we know as guest blogging.

Many people consider this practice extremely offensive for the blogger. They believe that the only party that benefits from this is the receiver of the information. However, people that think this way are completely wrong. Diversifying the platforms where our name or the name of our company appears is essential to achieving increased visibility and attracting new users to our channels. And this, of course, will also help our SEO level.

If you are thinking of adding guest blogging to your strategy, I will give you some advice:

Don’t keep the best for yourself

Do you keep your best posts for your blog? What if nobody reads them? If you take the role of a guest blogger, don’t keep anything up your sleeve.  Write only interesting content that educates your readers, that carries value.  Dedicate extra effort to the posts that you make as a guest. That’s the only way you’ll be able to attract new viewers.

Don’t pull a fast one or do it for SEO

Do you fill your posts with links to your website? Let’s be honest, do you contribute to another blog for the sake of the image of your brand and because what you have to say is interesting, or just for SEO and free advertising? The primary objective of your post as I understand it is to direct traffic to your website at some point, but filling your page with links will never be the solution, ever. If you need links, look at some SEO guides, but never just throw out your reputation like that.

You should add value for your users in every paragraph of content. If you have an incredible guide and you want to add a link to it, that’s fine, that adds value. Still, if you start to just haphazardly insert  links throughout the page, the user’s interest will begin to decrease as they encounter signs of commercial interest in your content. Let the reader slowly discover the parts that help them improve in their work.

Some more added value please

We are saturated with information, everyone knows it. That’s why finding something new to add, something people will notice, has gotten very complicated. If you want those over-saturated users to stop and read your post, offer content that is well done and contains meaning: use images, videos, good HTML formatting, have fun, have a good sense of humor, and above all, talk about what you know, not what you think people are looking for. Ask yourself this question . . . What can you teach people that they can only learn from you? If this content wasn’t yours, would you like it?

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Alfredo Gómez is a natural-born entrepreneur. He has a degree in both Audiovisual Communication & Tourism, and specialised in international consulting. His passion for discovering the world gave rise to BigTranslation and JuicyPosts, a translation agency and content marketing agency specialised in e-commerce, among other sectors.

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