Tag: content marketing

Why content marketing is so important for startups?

Many startups are offering original products and some of them are even revolutionising the online market. Still, one of the main problems they have is how to become visible, to stay relevant and to grow in such a vast and...

/ April 10, 2017

What is content marketing?

Content marketing consists of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content that draws attention and attracts a perfectly defined target audience so that they might become customers. It’s based on the concept of communication with no initial intent to sell....

/ April 10, 2017
buyer journey

Buyer journey: Content to guide the user to conversion

The trajectory of the user from the moment he/she discovers a need, to the moment they solve it, either through a purchase or by contracting services, is known as the buyer journey. Once this journey begins, we have to keep...

/ April 4, 2017

4 Basic SEO tips to position your content

By taking advantage of online content marketing, startups and companies will have a great chance of contacting future customers. If they also properly apply SEO techniques, these customers will be the first to find us. That’s why it’s so important...

/ March 19, 2017