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19 Things you SHOULDN’T do on Twitter

This list is based on my personal experiences, on everything that I have read and that Twitter has showed me over time. Like everything, for example tastes in color, it could be that some of these things you don’t consider...

/ July 16, 2017

4 questions we should ask ourselves before starting on social networks

No doubt remains, the command is clear: we have to be on social media because our customers are there . . . but there are other realities to consider. There is the reality that we tend to form our networks...

/ July 9, 2017

Applications that will help you to make your content more visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, so how about the images that you use on your posts or social networks? Today we want to lend a hand with several applications that will help you to make your content more...

/ May 10, 2017